Ladyboys or kathoey are transgender people that can be found in various southeast Asian countries. Many of them work in tourist entertainment such as cabaret shows.

While most participants reported feeling confident and happy with their jobs, there are also challenges. One example is the lack of supportive facilities.


The best country for ladyboys is Thailand, where they are a major part of the culture. From beauty pageants to theater, they are a staple of Thai entertainment and have become superstars in their own right. Sadly, their status often leads to abuse and even death in some cases. Some poor families raise their sons to be Ladyboys so that they can earn income for the family.

Nevertheless, most of the participants have full confidence in their profession and express love for it. They also feel psychologically satisfied by engaging in this job. Although their income has been negatively affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, they still believe that it is worth persevering in this career.

The most important thing to note is that gender in Thailand is not a binary system. Gender is more about performance than what was assigned at birth. If you want to determine if someone is a Ladyboy, ask them to hold their hands out straight and try to bring them together without bending them. If they can do it, then they have a normal female skeleton.


The Philippines is arguably the second best country for ladyboys after Thailand. The Filipino kathoeys are incredibly hot and there are lots of them around, making it easy to fulfill sexual fantasies.

You can find them in bars and clubs, shopping malls or even just strolling on the street. However, you have to be careful when visiting smaller provincial towns as people tend to be less open towards transgender women than in big cities and towns.

There are many ladyboys working as freelancers in the nightclubs of Cebu and you will often be able to pick one up for just 2,000 Pesos to join you to your hotel room for a little naughtiness. You can also take a walk to Ayala Mall and find some pretty attractive girlies hanging out in the coffee shops, especially the ones at the top floor with their lovely views over the city.

There are a few luxury places in the city such as Nectar in Bonifacio Global City that don’t have ladyboy-specific spaces but welcome all LGBT patrons.


If Thailand is known as a hot spot for ladyboys, then Cambodia is also becoming a popular destination. This tiny country borders Thailand, and it is surprisingly stocked with a huge number of sexy T-Girls.

For the most part, Khmer kathoeys work in massage parlors and night clubs where men pay for play. The women are extremely feminine, and they look like real girls in many cases. These are some of the best-looking transgender hookers in the region, and they make it easy for men to satisfy their libido.

While these places are not exactly safe, they represent a growing acceptance of transgender people in a society that still hews to age-old values. For instance, homosexuality is not even a word in Khmer. Instead, the locals use the term kteuy or ladyboy.

During the rule of Pol Pot, any sign of femininity was a threat and could lead to a visit to the Killing Fields. Nowadays, it is common to see Khmer kathoeys in the streets and even in some of the major cities.


While many cisgendered tourists might be shocked to hear this, Japan is actually one of the best countries for ladyboys. You won’t run into as many kathoeys (or newhafu as they are called in the local language) as you will in Thailand, but you definitely see them around. Plus, they’re arguably some of the sexiest and most ladylike of all.

Through open coding and axial coding, this qualitative study found that ladyboys’ occupational wellbeing is high, and they love their profession very much. They are confident in their work even during the COVID-19 epidemic and believe that they can earn a living by being ladyboys. They feel psychologically satisfied in their occupation and enjoy dressing beautifully for their clients.

Although they are socially accepted as females, they face gender ambiguity moments when their managers call them for physical jobs that women should do, such as constructing a stage or carrying heavy objects. They also experience a lower life expectancy because their biological gender cannot be changed on their ID card. They are, however, happy to have a beautiful youth and can take delight in watching fireworks.


While you might not think of Indonesia as one of the best countries for ladyboys, it actually has a decent number. The country’s kathoeys, as the locals call them, are pretty passable and can easily be mistaken for women by those who don’t know any better.

Participants indicated that they love their work and feel psychologically satisfied by it. Despite the current COVID-19 epidemic, they are confident that they will continue their careers as ladyboys. The majority of participants believe that they will earn more money in the future and enjoy a more feminine lifestyle than men.

Interestingly, the study found that the psychological gender of all the participants was female. Although they wore male clothes in their daily lives, most of them still considered themselves to be girls and believed that they should have been born as such. They also mentioned that they would like to live a life as a woman, even though they have to perform as a ladyboy on stage. This is because they want to be able to achieve their dreams and fulfill their lives.