Gay travel Asia or LGBT travel, is basically an umbrella term encompassing tourism aimed at gay, bi, and transgressed individuals. However, many individuals are quite open about their sexual preference and gender identity in public settings like public bathrooms, clubs, and public showers, but much less so when it comes to personal situations, like in the bathroom at home or at work. This is where a gay travel package can come in handy. Such packages are generally arranged by travel agencies that target gay travel activity in foreign countries.

Pick only best rated Gay Travel Asia agencies

When you are looking to travel to a lesbian travel destination, you will want to find a travel agency that has experience in this area. Such an agency would be able to provide you with not only expert advice about the most popular locations to visit and which ones to avoid, but could also provide you with information about the culture and social milieu that exist in the country you are visiting. The agency should know which hotels are gay friendly and which are not. It may even be able to give you recommendations about the best restaurants to eat at.

Thailand is another popular choice among gay travel enthusiasts

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, has a vibrant travel gay scene that attracts thousands of tourists who come to relax in its natural attractions and enjoy nightlife. Bangkok is a great place to stay safe, as the crime rate is one of the lowest in all of Asia. You may want to stay in a hotel in Phuket, where there is a gay life that is both active and thriving, or you may want to choose somewhere else entirely, like Indonesia, Philippines, or India.

Southeast Asia, Singapore is often ranked as one of the most gay friendly destinations on tour

A visit to this part of the world can be fun for the whole family, because the weather is nice most of the year, gay friendly places to visit abound, and gay travel experiences range from amusing day trips to exciting nightlife. The most popular destination among gay travel experiences in Southeast Asia is obviously Bangkok, which is home to many gay clubs. However, you might also want to consider other places, like Pattaya in Thailand or Manila in the Philippines, which also offer some gay friendly experiences.

If you have already seen Bangkok, then you may be interested in other Southeast Asian countries, including those that are not so popular with travelers: Thailand and the Philippines. In fact, Thailand is one of the top destinations for gay travel adventures in Asia, and if you spent 3 weeks there, you would quickly discover why. There are gay friendly restaurants in cities like Phuket that cater to the gay community, which can be both amusing and enlightening. Phuket also has the hippest clubs in Asia, which you would be sure to thoroughly enjoy. Philippines is another great place to spend three weeks, as it offers a wide variety of activities, from visiting historical ruins to hanging out with beach boys.

Documentations, safety and travel plans

Visas may be required for some of these experiences, so be sure to bring your passport and anything else needed for the country you are visiting. Overall, though, Southeast Asia has some of the friendliest, most open people that you will meet on your gay travel. Visiting any of these countries would be the best experience of your life, so be sure to follow your heart when considering where to go next. Most people may think that Southeast Asia is not a good choice for gay travel, but you would be wrong. These destinations offer a unique experience that few people will ever forget.