Sex tourism is a million-dollar industry that attracts tourists from around the world. There are a number of countries that have grown famous for their prostitution, both legal and illegal, and have become destinations for more sexy-minded people.

From peep shows and strip clubs to erotic massage parlours, these sexy travel destinations are sure to please even the most experienced womanizer.

1. Dominican Republic

A giant in the world of sex tourism, Dominican Republic attracts men to its sexy beaches and exotic hook ups. It is estimated that up to 100,000 women work the sex trade in the country. While prostitution is legal, these women do not identify themselves as prostitutes. Instead they call themselves “sex workers.”

The sexy city of Berlin is a clubber’s paradise and home to the world-famous Berghain. The club, housed in a former power station, is known for its dark corridors, techno music and strict door policy. If you decide to visit, prepare for a libido-killing queue and a rejection if your name isn’t on the list.

Sofia, Bulgaria is another sexy destination where you can indulge your fantasies in a variety of ways. It offers strip clubs, peep shows and salons that showcase the female form. It also hosts the Merengue Tipico festival each November to help people live la vida loca and forget about their restrictive lives for a couple of days. It is a chance to dance the night away and celebrate with locals.

2. Thailand

As the most popular sex tourism country, Thailand is full of ornate temples and gorgeous beaches, but it also has some of the highest numbers of sex workers in the world. The Go-Go bars of Patpong and Phuket are particularly well-known for their erotic shows and sex toys, but there are also many other brothels and ‘houses of girls’ across the country.

The mail-order bride trend is a big part of the industry here too, with Thai women often offering themselves to foreign men in return for money or a new life abroad. Prostitution is illegal here, but the responsibility rests with the client and many clubs and agencies are willing to turn a blind eye to this.

The Netherlands, Colombia, Spain, Brazil and Germany are also popular sex tourism countries. They all have trendy cities that attract tourists for their scenic canals and impressive monuments, but they also have a thriving prostitution industry. Amsterdam is infamous for its red light district, while Prague is famous for its ‘gloryholes’ and Wenceslas Square has several strip clubs.

3. Spain

Spain, known for its wine and bullfighting has also become a sex tourism hotspot with Madrid’s Gran Via street serving as a red light district. The country is also a party destination with Barcelona and Ibiza offering heavy club and bar scenes.

The Netherlands, where prostitution is legal and regulated with Amsterdam’s de Wallen offering cubicle sex, also attracts sex enthusiasts. Thailand is another sex travel destination where hookers can be found at low prices in the city of Phnom Penh.

While Indonesia has a poor reputation for child sexual trafficking, the country’s many sex clubs and forums make it a popular choice for sex tourism. The country has numerous clubs that offer hedonism and fetish activities but is also home to several high-profile venues such as Berghain, a cavernous dance hall that’s famous for its tough bouncer policy. Hedonism is still encouraged, though, and there are a number of beaches where nudity is allowed. It is also possible to be naked in public spaces such as forests, parks and streets in Spain. Seville, in particular, has a quirky and bohemian edge to its nightlife.

4. France

Despite being one of the most prestigious countries in the world, France also has its share of sex tourism. Tourists who are looking for a bit of extra spice can find it in the country’s famous red-light district. De Wallen is home to numerous prostitutes who offer everything from a ‘cubicle sex’ to a full-on show.

Amsterdam, another European city with a shady reputation, is also a major sex travel destination. It’s famous for its canals, bicycles and chocolate box buildings, but it also draws tourists in search of some hot action. Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, and sex tourism accounts for more than 5% of the city’s GDP.

While some of the best countries for sex may surprise some people, it’s important to remember that sex tourism is just a part of many cultures worldwide. Whether it’s for fun or business, the sexual industry can be found in almost every corner of the globe. That’s why it’s essential to do your research before booking a trip to one of these sex tourism destinations.

5. Finland

As one of Europe’s most beautiful and unspoiled natural landscapes, Finland offers visitors a wide range of activities. From the stunning vistas of the rugged Taiga forests to the cultured capital of Helsinki, Finland is a country that blends Nordic heritage with high-tech modernity.

While many of the cities in the country are home to brothels, the country’s laws on prostitution have fluctuated between tolerance, regulation and even abolition. As a result, most of the country’s sex tourism is arranged through escort agencies or massage parlours.

In the city of Riga, you can find a number of strip clubs, peep shows and other ways to enjoy the beauty of the female form. This city also has a number of salons that can help you with your kinky fetishes, including body piercings, whips and chains.

Visiting any of the best countries for sex festivals is an experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories and new experiences. But, as with any trip, it’s important to remember that you must always use protection. This will help you avoid sexually transmitted diseases.