Several countries have become hugely popular as sex tourism destinations for tourists. Amsterdam is famous for its Red Light District with a number of peep shows, strip clubs and sex shops.

Brazil is another country that is gaining popularity with sex tourists. While the country is officially forbidden to practice prostitution, the women are very friendly and offer great services for a reasonable price.

1. Turkey

Turkey’s unique blend of European and Middle Eastern cultures makes it a perfect destination for those looking for a rich and diverse dating experience. From the stunning beaches to the vibrant nightlife, Turkey has something for everyone. However, it’s important to remember that commercial sexual services are illegal in the country.

Although brothels and official tallies of sex workers in Turkey’s red-light districts have dwindled, prostitution, including escorting, remains an integral part of the country’s sex industry. Many women in the Turkish sex industry work as independent escorts or are affiliated with a high-end agency.

Turkey escort service providers offer the ultimate experience for men seeking romance and intimacy. These sexy and sensual girls can fulfill even the most naughty fantasies. They work as in call escorts or can be hired to visit clients at their hotel, office, restaurant, club or private home. They are available for erotic massages, intimate encounters and other sexy activities. They are also available to provide companionship and support to men during their travels in Turkey. Many of these sexy girls can be found on the Internet in online directories and chat rooms.

2. Colombia

Colombia has been a popular sex tourism destination for years. It is a country where prostitution is legal, and women can work in brothels, hotels and clubs. The city of Cartagena is a great place to find women, especially in the old walled part of town (Ciudad Amurallada) and the new strip of towers and condos known as Bocagrande.

In many cases, a girl will advertise her services in the street and in a bar or club. This is called a “street walker.” Street walkers can also be found in casas and other types of adult entertainment establishments.

In general, Colombian women are hard to bed, but they tend to be very loyal – almost scarily so. They’re a bit more choosy than girls in other Latin American countries like Brazil, where the girls are more willing to have quick sex for money, or European cities, where the women are more likely to be casual sex partners. But if you speak Spanish and have decent game, and have the time to spend months in Colombia, you’ll have an excellent chance of meeting a hot, quality girl for an exclusive, long-term relationship.

3. Brazil

Sex tourism in Brazil is booming, with cities like Rio de Janeiro rivaling Bangkok on a global scale. Although prostitution is legal in the country, vagrancy laws are used against sex workers. Despite this, sex tourism is still a big business in the country, with clients ranging from wealthy Brazilians to middle-aged men looking for a mail-order bride.

Independent escorts in Brazil are often from different parts of the world, including South American countries, Europe, Asia, and Africa. This enables them to provide a variety of sexual services to their customers. They are also well-groomed and attractive, and have the experience to meet a client’s specific needs.

The escorts on this site are all from Brazil and have passed a rigorous process to be listed. Their profiles are displayed on large image thumbnails with back and forth buttons that allow you to view more images of each girl. The profiles include a description, age, location, and rate. They are also updated regularly. Once you find an escort you are interested in, you can contact her by clicking on her picture.

4. Mexico

It is no secret that Mexico is one of the best countries for escort service. Its crazy border towns, sprawling metropolises, indigenous areas and jungles make it an ideal sex tourism destination for all kinds of tourists. Its sex worker community is huge and well-established, making it easy to find a girl in any city. There are numerous brothels in cities like Guadalajara, Tijuana, Culiacan, Monterrey and to a lesser extent CDMX, where you can get a sexy escort or hook up with a freelancer.

In addition to sex workers, the country also offers plenty of erotic theatre and strip clubs. Its capital, Mexico City, is home to Zona Norte and Adelitas, the biggest and oldest brothels in the country. In addition, there are several erotic massage parlours in the country. It is also a popular destination for lovers of the sexy side of life as it has three red-light districts and many club and bar venues.

5. Venezuela

The crisis in Venezuela has seen women being sucked into the sex trade. These women are being lured out of their homes and sent into neighbouring countries such as Guyana with promises of employment and a better life. But once they arrive they are forced into prostitution and sexual exploitation.

This has been exacerbated by the coronavirus lockdowns that have closed borders across the continent. Maria, a translator working with the Human Services Ministry told this investigation that these victims, known as los caminantes (the walkers) are leaving their homes in Bolivar state, San Felix, and Puerto Ordaz on foot with their worldly possessions stuffed into black bin liners or rolling behind them in suitcases.

The country is also famous for its sex tourism with Caracas boasting a red-light district and brothels, while the cities of Boca Chica and Sosua are popular destinations. In the capital, tourists can find girls offering everything from massages to rooftop sex for a small fee. In the more established clubs and bars, sex workers mix with regular clients.